A Quick meal for people who are on fasting (Vrat) . It’s a pure Jain recipe so No onion & No garlic used. It can be quickly made and can be served as healthy snacks to the kids who generally don’t like to have lauki ki sabji (Bottle Gourd curry).
Grate lauki(Bottle gourd) and finely chop ginger and green chilies. Dry roast peanut and grind it to a coarse powder. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds and some curry leaves. Add ginger and green chilies to it and then add the grated lauki and sauté it for 2-3 mins then add salt, a little sugar, black pepper powder and some lemon juice to it. Then add the peanut powder to it and mix it well and cook for another 2-3 mins and then add coriander leaves for garnishing and serve it hot.


Many a times there are sudden plans to dinner out even if you have prepared your dinner. Sometime your husband or child have unplanned dinner or lunch with friends and skip the meal at home. It becomes a big task to use the left over rotis or veggies. Roti cutlet is a good breakfast dish or can be used as an evening snack.
Crush the left over rotis with green chillies and ginger. Dry roast some peanuts and grind it into coarse powder. Smash boiled potatoes and add the roti powder and peanut powder to it and add spices of your choice. Add some grated veggie and cheese to it and make round balls of the mix . Coat it bread crumbs (optional) and fry it and serve it with green chutney or any dip of your choice .


In Indian Tradition Dal Khichdi soup is a one of the best healthy food when someone is not well. Dal khichdi is an proven ancient ayurvedic recipe which doctors also prefers to recommend due to its easy to digest quality and detoxify quality.
In general Dal Khichdi is well famous among toddlers and elderly people. Many a time my family also likes it in as Main course for the dinner.

Soak some split green lentil(moong daal) and rice(chawal) for 15-20 mins and heat a little ghee in the pressure cooker add a clove to it and then add the soaked daal and chawal to it. Add any vegetable of your choice. Add salt and pinch of turmeric powder and water to it and cook it in pressure cooker till it whistles 3-4 times. Then whisk the khichdi to have a soup like consistency. Add ghee and serve it hot.


Now a days no one likes to have the traditional sweets made specially during the winters. This is a quick healthy drink which can be made easily and is good for health for all age people.


Quick Easy tasty Non-Fermented Dosa / Healthy @ Home food for Toddlers/Kids

Dosa(pancakes) are considered to be light food, this is a tasty combination of cereal, lentils and is loved by all . Multi dal dosa or “ADAI” is great way of starting a day or even for lunch or dinner and can be paired along chutney, sambar or anything else of your choice. We can do lot of variations in this dosa like normally instead of green bean or moong dal I use sprouts.
Make a dosa like batter with all the soaked cereals and lentils and make dosa instantly or let the batter rest for an hours and then make crispy dosas.


Kids liking towards the food changes very randomly as they grow up and mostly all of them don’t like to repeat same food daily.
Demands of some new variety in food is a common story of every house.
Some time back I tried this easy quick recipe which my 3 year old daughter loved very much. So sharing with you all.

Soak Rawa (Semolina) in buttermilk for 5 mins and add salt and coriander and any finely grated veggies of choice to it and mix it well and spread it on griddle (Dosa Pan) to make instant dosa.


Quick Easy tasty Baby food / Healthy food for Toddlers/Kids
How to make your baby eat a healthy food is the biggest question for all new mothers. This is one of tasty dishes easy to be prepared and also very good for babies. It also acts as a medicine when baby is having cough cold or say in the winters.