Momsfusion is an knowledge junction for every individual who is in search on an combo for QUICK, INSTANT & above all a HEALTHY food recipes which your love ones will like to have specially elderly and Kids of the house.

The very thought of developing this portal came in our mind by personal experience where we have to struggle a lot when it comes to make something healthy for our kido, surprise guests coming to house or sometimes self-wane have something Instant and healthy.

India is a land of culture and every culture has some beauty related to food in it. Every State of India has its own specialty related to food and if we take a little care while making of these recipes one can get a really healthy dish which can be loved by everyone specially in present scenario where our young/toddler minds are more attracted towards western foods particularly junks.

Momsfusion had tried Indian Traditional recipes toped up with original ideas which Make it Instant and more healthy.

An recipe becomes a successful platter when it is appreciated by near & dear ones Family & friends. So every Recipe on Momsfusion is tried & tested with personal experiences and feedback of family for becoming a part of this portal.

Being an author of this portal and an working Mom in a metro city I can related with every Mom running around in busy metro city for bread and butter and above that managing the “HOME” perfectly. This portal is my attempt to make life of word “MOM” little simpler and off course for food lovers with my really quick, Tasty and Instant recipes.

Thanking You all Love and enjoy the lovely food around.