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Quick Easy tasty Roti cutlet/ Best way to use left over rotis
Many a times there are sudden plans to dinner out even if you have prepared your dinner. Sometime your husband or child have unplanned dinner or lunch with friends and skip the meal at home. It becomes a big task to use the left over rotis or veggies. Roti cutlet is a good breakfast dish or can be used as an evening snack. Crush the left over rotis with green chillies and ginger. Dry roast some peanuts and grind it into coarse powder. Smash boiled potatoes and add the roti powder and peanut powder to it and add spices of your choice. Add some grated veggie and cheese to it and make round balls of the mix . Coat it bread crumbs (optional) and fry it and serve it with green chutney or any dip of your choice .
  1. Add ginger and chilies and Grind rotis to a coarse powder. Grind Roasted peanuts to a coarse powder.
  2. Smash boiled potatoes add grated veggies of your choice. I prefer to add beetroot ,carrot, capsicum.
  3. Mix roti powder and peanut powder in the potato mixture. Add spices as per your choice and taste and some lemon juice it. Make round ball out of the mixture and coat it with bread crumbs and deep fry it on medium flame.
  4. Make a dip mixing green chutney and some hung curd or mayonnaise. Serve the cutlets with green chutney dip and tomato ketchup.
Recipe Notes

Fusion for Kids/Toddlers:-

Add some grated cheese , oregano and garlic mix to the mixture to give it an Italian flavor and make shapes out of it and then deep fry it. Make a dip mixing tomato ketchup and mayonnaise and a little bit of red chilli sauce and serve it hot . The kids will surely love the tangy flavor of the dip and the cheesy flavor of the cutlets.

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