Quick Easy tasty Baby food / Healthy food for Toddlers/Kids
How to make your baby eat a healthy food is the biggest question for all new mothers. This is one of tasty dishes easy to be prepared and also very good for babies. It also acts as a medicine when baby is having cough cold or say in the winters.


Quick Easy tasty Street food / Healthy Street Food @ Home for Toddlers/Kids
When in week day want to have some tasty healthy dinner other than the normal Puri Bhaji( chapati bhaji) , we can make this Quick Pav Bhaji, it contains a lot of veggies which are cooked together with minimal loss of nutrients and served with pav, it is a good way to consume a number of veggies together in a single food. Pav Bhaji nowadays has become a popular street food due to its delicious taste and loved by children as well. It acts as a good way to make kids eat veggies not of their choice.


Print Recipe BAJRA RAAB(SOUP)/ MILLET SOUP A Quick Soup which is tasty and healthy and can be relished in winters as a hot drink. It is no onion no garlic recipe and a pure Jain recipe. It can be quickly made and served to kid as yummy soup in evenings during winters. Take a ghee…